Sins of the Father – Thelonious Legend

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Sins of the Father

I hear ‘Sins of the Father’ and I think crime novel or mystery/thriller but not a badass middle grade novel about three teenage black girls with superpowers.  That said, as you read the book the title makes perfect sense.  It’s fun and it had me laughing genuinely as an adult without kids.  I hesitate in calling it badass because Thelonious Legend was very age appropriate and had no profanity in the book, but I just can’t find a more appropriate word.

The Parker sisters are affluent, intelligent, and athletic.  They are competitive and excel at what they put their mind to at their private school or in martial arts.  They are no strangers to success, but when their athletic capabilities improve drastically they start to question what is going on.  Gwen has become increasingly strong and Eve can move faster than lightning…ok, not quite that fast, but close.  While Ana’s…

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Book Reviews: Discoveries New & Old (Thelonius Legend’s Sins of the Father)

Best review of my book I have ever read. Thank you!

E. P. Beaumont

Saturday night, I read Sins of the Father by Thelonius Legend. It’s a first novel, and (to me) even more importantly, it’s a novel that’s a sibling of one I’ve been struggling to edit, Annie Brown and the Superhero Blues. I was cheered to discover that I was not alone, that my novel had kinfolk and a context.

So before I write the review, I’m going to give you the full disclosure. I’m a reader, of course, and I’m also a novelist. I don’t know the author personally, but I bought his novel shortly after it came out, and then followed him as I got more active on Twitter. He hosts the #BlackWritersChat and #BlackComicsChat, and has a passionate interest in mentoring young creative talent. I spend some part of my Twitter time signal-boosting people and ideas that excite me, and our common interest in mentoring and community-building has…

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