Book Reviews: Discoveries New & Old (Thelonius Legend’s Sins of the Father)

Best review of my book I have ever read. Thank you!

E. P. Beaumont

Saturday night, I read Sins of the Father by Thelonius Legend. It’s a first novel, and (to me) even more importantly, it’s a novel that’s a sibling of one I’ve been struggling to edit, Annie Brown and the Superhero Blues. I was cheered to discover that I was not alone, that my novel had kinfolk and a context.

So before I write the review, I’m going to give you the full disclosure. I’m a reader, of course, and I’m also a novelist. I don’t know the author personally, but I bought his novel shortly after it came out, and then followed him as I got more active on Twitter. He hosts the #BlackWritersChat and #BlackComicsChat, and has a passionate interest in mentoring young creative talent. I spend some part of my Twitter time signal-boosting people and ideas that excite me, and our common interest in mentoring and community-building has…

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